Affordable Virtual Interior Design (E-Design) Services For Your Home

Transform your home wherever you are

How It Works


When you purchase a service, you'll receive a questionnaire to fill out, which will tell me what your needs, style, & budget are. You'll upload a sketch of your space, along with photos or a 360-degree video.


Within a few days, you'll receive various 2D Layout options for your space. Once you select a layout, I'll create a design that fit your needs, style, & budget. I'll communicate with you via e-mail throughout the entire process.


Depending on the service you purchase, you will receive the following:- 2D Layout Options
- Moodboards
- Shopping List
- Cost Estimate
- 3D Realistic Renderings
- Paint/Flooring Recommendations


If you purchased an Essentials or 3D Premium package, I will guide you throughout the entire purchasing and furnishing process. If anything goes out of stock or is delayed, I can suggest alternatives. I am available to answer any questions to ensure your project runs smoothly!

Why Work With Me?

  • My services are affordable and at a flat rate

  • You can request up to 2 revisions of your design - I want to make sure you absolutely love it!

  • When you purchase an Essentials or 3D Premium package, you get ongoing support throughout the purchasing and furnishing process

  • Everything is done virtually via e-mail or phone!

Our Services

Each package below is per room.

DIY Styling Package2D Layout | Moodboard$120
Essentials Styling Package2D Layout | Moodboard | Furniture/Decor Shopping List | Cost Estimate$245
3D Premium Design Package2D Layout | 3D Realistic Renders | Furniture/Decor Shopping List | Wall/Flooring Selection | Cost Estimate$395
Property Staging2D Layout | 3D Realistic Renders$350

About the Designer, Katrina

KFN Interiors is an affordable alternative to full interior design services. If you are not looking to make structural changes to your space, I provide furnishing and decorating services to accentuate the best features of your space.I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering in 2012, but have always enjoyed designing residential interiors on a budget. After earning my certification in Interior Design from the New York Institute of Art + Design, I began working in the e-design industry on the side. In 2021, I decided to form KFN Interiors to expand my work. I strive to create spaces that enhance my clients’ lives. Skilled at designing spaces with a variety of budgets and styles, I guide clients throughout the design process with transparency and thoroughness. In addition, my 10 years of experience in the Civil Engineering industry gives me an edge when it comes to innovation and technical aspects to ensure that every design is feasible, creative, and optimizes the use of space.I believe that a well-decorated, well-arranged home can have a positive impact on your life and overall well-being. For this reason, I have always been a supporter of increasing access to interior design services, especially for people with limited budgets. By reaching those who wouldn't normally hire an interior designer, I hope that I can help people feel more at home and less stressed, one space at a time.


Which Service is Right for Me?

What's Included
DIY Styling PackageEssentials Styling Package3D Premium Design PackageProperty Staging
2D Layout OptionsXXXX
Furniture & Decor Selection (Shopping List) XXX
Wall & Flooring Selection  X 
3D Realistic Renderings  XX
On-going consultations throughout the purchasing & furnishing process XX 

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DIY Styling Package

If you would prefer to DIY, this package is for you.It includes layout options for you to choose from, a moodboard of furniture and decor, along with 2 revisions, if necessary. You can shop for similar products at your own pace and with your own budget.
What you get (for 1 room):
- 2D Layout Options
- Moodboard of Furniture and Décor
- 2 Revisions
Note: No specific recommendations will be made on where to purchase items.
This is where the DIY part comes in – you can choose to find similar items at any place!


Essentials Styling Package

If you would like to have a complete styling package, where we choose the exact pieces to be included in your space, this is for you.This package includes everything from the DIY Styling Package, plus Furniture and Décor Selection (a list of products to purchase), a cost estimate, and on-going consultation throughout the purchasing and furnishing process. This also includes 2 revisions, if necessary.All you need to do is purchase the recommended items and arrange them in your space!

What you get (for 1 room):- 2D Layout Options
- Moodboard of Furniture and Décor
- Furniture and Décor Selection (Shopping List)
- 2 Revisions
- Cost Estimate
- On-going Consultation Throughout Purchasing and Furnishing Process


3D Premium Styling Package

This package includes everything from the Essentials Styling Package PLUS 3D Realistic Renderings! This is perfect if you need help visualizing your space. We can also offer suggestions for wall color and flooring, but not exact paint colors or floor materials from manufacturers.All you need to do is purchase the recommended items and arrange them in your space!

What you get (for 1 room):
- 2D Layout Options
- Moodboard of Furniture and Décor
- Furniture and Décor Selection (Shopping List)
- 2 Revisions
- Cost Estimate
- 3D Realistic Renderings
- On-going Consultation Throughout the Purchasing and Furnishing Process


Property Staging

If you need help staging your home for selling, this package is for you.We will arrange your furniture and décor to enhance your home, whether it's to make a room feel more spacious or to make a room feel more cozy. To start this process, we will ask you to describe your needs and create an inventory of your items.

What you will get (for 1 room):
- 2D Layout
- 3D Realistic Renderings for listings or for your use

Contact me for discount pricing on 2 or more rooms!



    Instead of hiring a traditional interior designer who you can interact with in-person, e-designers are completely remote and you interact with them by email or phone. E-designers do everything traditional interior designers do, except take measurements of your space, and coordinate with contractors, since they are not physically at your property.

    E-design is best suited for those who are willing to take measurements and hire contractors themselves. This makes e-design services less expensive than traditional interior design services. KFN Interiors, however, can advise clients on how to deal with contractors in difficult situations. We will also guide you throughout the entire purchasing, arranging, and installation process in case items go out of stock or delayed.

    If you answer 'yes' to any or all of the following questions, then e-design or virtual interior design services is right for you.

         - Do you want to spend less on interior design services?
         - Are you a DIY person who enjoys doing some of the work involved in the process?
         - Do you prefer to communicate with your designer virtually?
         - Do you want the freedom of choosing your own contractors?

    If e-design is for you, KFN Interiors will guide you through every step of the way!

    Yes - for the Essentials Styling Package, and 3D Premium Styling Package!
    KFN Interiors not only selects the furniture, but also provides on-going consultation throughout the purchasing process in case items go out of stock or have long lead times for deliveries. We provide alternatives in those cases to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

    Yes, you can keep as many of your existing items as you want! However, we will make recommendations based on our expertise if other items would suit the space and style better.

    Yes! You can choose which retailers you'd prefer to purchase from. We typically choose items from major retailers, such as Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Pottery Barn, CB2, Wayfair, Interior Define, and more.

    This package is for those who need help arranging and styling their home to sell quicker. After a consultation and gathering an inventory of your items, we will create a 2D layout of your space(s) and 3D realistic renderings showing exactly how to style the space.

    If you aren't keeping your items, we can create 3D realistic renderings with furniture and décor to show in your listings!

    Absolutely! We have designed rooms ranging from as low as $300 (for decorative items only), to as high as $20,000. We take pride in designing spaces on low budgets because we believe there are so many creative ways to save money and get the best bang for your buck. But that does not mean we will sacrifice quality. If your budget seems too low for what you want to accomplish (even with money saving ideas in place), we will tell you upfront what we would recommend, whether it’s to increase your budget or omit certain items.

    For the most part, yes. Please reach out to us and we can determine whether it is feasible. We have successfully worked with clients in the Philippines and Australia by using retailers with an online market. If your country does not have enough retailers online, we will not be able to source items in your country since my service relies on online inventory. BUT if you are just looking to get a vision for your space and are willing to shop for similar items on your own, we would recommend the DIY Styling package. If, after that, you would like to have a design guide for how to choose the right sized items and colors/materials, as well as wall paint, please reach out to me and we can give you a special price depending on your needs!